Areas of activity
Aguiar-Branco has multiple teams prepared and specialized in the areas where law intervention is needed.
Compliance and Business Ethics

The compliance and business ethics area of Aguiar-Branco provides legal assistance to the companies in every self regulation components of its policy and general management, namely: due diligences to diagnose legal and regulatory primary risks in implanting intern control systems and whistleblowing systems; training of employees; establishment of standardized processes like certification of technical rules and rules of conduct; development  and implementation of ethical codes, conduct codes or intern policies that aim to promote the ethical behavior in every activities of the company and adapt its proceedings to the orientations and legislation of the national and international vanguard, mainly, the ones related to anti corruption, fighting money laundering and terrorism financing, information security, quality and environment.


On this field, Aguiar-Branco & Associados gives legal support to coordinating and directing the activity of the companies so that they can - namely, on a criminal perspective - remove or mitigate any responsibility that the company, its partners or directors can eventually face for the practice of some acts by the employees or managers.


Aguiar-Branco also provides legal support to the authorities that certificate rules of conduct and technical rules.