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The firm

The firm

Fernando Aguiar-Branco began practicing Law in 1949; Afterwards, his son, Augusto Aguiar-Branco graduated in Law and together founded the first Law Firm based on Partnership ever.

Aguiar-Branco & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, RL, provides it’s legal services for both individuals and public and private companies, either they are national or international, and has a diversity of areas of activity like commercial, industrial, financial, civil, public administrative, tax, labor, urbanism, tourism, environmental, information technology, data protection and intellectual property.


Aguiar-Branco & Associados presta os seus serviços com a preocupação constante da competência e da conduta ética irrepreensível. Prossegue o saber teórico e prático com idoneidade e celeridade, por exigência própria, e, também, para satisfazer, o melhor possível, as preocupações dos seus clientes.

Esta atitude só permanecerá na situação inevitável do seu crescimento, por virtude da procura acrescida dos seus serviços, se for muito rigorosa na escolha ou selecção dos seus colaboradores.

Com efeito, esses colaboradores têm que se identificar e de se assumirem com os valores que são padrão da Aguiar-Branco & Associados. E assim tem acontecido e acontecerá.

Honorary President

Honorary President

Fernando Aguiar-Branco graduated in Law at University of Coimbra (1947) and the thesis he wrote at the time, about Civil Inheritance Law, was published, after being nominated by Doctor Manuel Andrade, under the title “Fideicomissos” (Oporto, 1948).

He is Honorary Doctorate in Letters (Philosophy) from the University of Coimbra.

Reputable scholar in the Portuguese History Academy, he was graced with several national and international commendations, among which are worth mentioning the Fraternitas Award, given by the Latin American’s Study Center of the University of Tulane (EUA) and the Ordem do Infante D. Henrique (Grand Officer degree).

Gold Medal of Portuguese Bar Association, (…) awarded to the subjects that, either lawyers or not lawyers, have given a significant contribute, due to his activity and personal worth, to the defense of citizens’ rights, freedoms and guarantees, subjects that identify with the ideals of justice, access to law defense and the construction of the rule of law, ideals that must guide the activity of the Portuguese Bar Association “ (article 1 of the Awarding Regulation).

He is President of the Executive Board of “Eng.º António Almeida” Foundation.

He’s also Honorary President of Associación Amistad Comunidad Valenciana-Israel since1984;

Between 1972 and 1974, Fernando Aguiar-Branco was President of Oporto’s Regional Council of the Portuguese Bar Association, after being member of the same Council between 1969 and 1971. Since 1974, he is Honorary President Oporto’s Regional Council of the Portuguese Bar Association.

He’s a member of Union Internacionale des Avocats (International Union of Lawyers).

Members of the Executive Board

President: Augusto Aguiar-Branco
Member: Bernardo Aguiar-Branco
Member: Celestina Maia
Member: Paulo Silva e Cunha


Social Responsability

In Aguiar-Branco & Associados we have always been concerned about giving our contribution to social economy and to preserve the environment. With that in mind, we provide pro bono legal support to social solidarity institutions, and also promote, alongside with its employees, the adoption of sustainable environmental practices.

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